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Cecilia was AMAZING! When I first met with her, I knew that she was perfect! She's so great, I cannot say that enough. As she saw some things starting to get a little stressful, she was right there making sure everything was okay. It was freezing when we were doing pictures and she was very quick and efficient but also got all the shots she needed. I loved Boschelli and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone! Thank you so much Cecilia!

- Kaceydale

Boschelli Photography specializes in Wedding Photography. Serving all of NY and the metro area and open for destination weddings all around the world. We are a fully insured business.
Our goal is to create a photo essay that blends fine-art photography, photojournalism, and casual portraits. We strive to produce a visual story of your wedding day in a more emotional and artistic way.

Boschelli Photography was created by Cecilia Boschelli. Cecilia is a talented Argentinean photographer, who has photographed more than 600 weddings for some of the most prestigious photo studios around Long Island and the NY area, in the last 10 years. All those years provided her with the knowledge and the experience to help her become a genuine, professional and very passionate wedding photographer. Her goal is not just to create beautiful images that can show the love and the spirit of the day, but it is also to create the unique memories that you will treasure forever. In her own words: “To be able to stop time and take someone’s breath away with just one image is the best gift you can give to someone.” Cecilia uses more than her talent and her camera for her amazing work. She uses her experience, her passion, her dedication, her kindness, and her patience… All things that will make you love her.

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My name is Susanna.  I was born in New York, but raised in Argentina by Italian parents.  I am trilingual and a high school teacher.

I have always loved photography, and I was fortunate enough to be able to follow this passion. I studied at ICP in New York City, and have been with Boschelli Photography for four years.  I feel very lucky that I am able to pursue both passions: teaching and photography, and that they compliment each other beautifully.

Cecilia Boschelli

Hi,  I’m Cecilia Boschelli. I was born and raised in Argentina.

I’m funny, clumsy, honest, persistent, a dreamer, dedicated, lucky to have a beautiful family and the best life that I could ever ask for.  I’m a good daughter, a sister, an aunt to 8 amazing little funny and crazy kids. I love my friends and my amazing spouse, good food, margaritas, traveling, the beach, movies and I love MY JOB, MY PASSION. I love to be part of the most amazing times in people’s lives. Their engagement, their wedding, their first baby and all those events that bring people together.